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Gym Equipment



The field is where we thrive! We train our athletes at an intensity level that pushes them past their limits. We do this to teach our athletes how to maintain their performance and techniques during fatigue. If you want to improve and grow, allow our professional trainers to show you how! 

Field Training

Lifting Barbell

The weight room is where your game is taken to another level. Strength, mobility and explosiveness are at the core of OYD's weight training program.  We believe in the importance of lifting with proper form and mechanics, for safety and maximized results. Our  certified personal trainers will be there to demonstrate and correct athletes' form on the various lifts. 


Speed kills, in every sport, and every athlete wants to get faster!  At OYD we help our athlete's improve their speed by starting at the foundation, technique. With the combination of proper technique, sprint training, plyometric training and explosive work, our athletes are blown away by the results!


Crossfit Class

At OYD we offer many different class options for all interested in bettering their selves! Whether you are centering yourself in yoga, shaking your booty in our dance class or pushing yourself past your limits in our strenuous boot camp, you will be blown away by our trainers!


A crucial aspect of our training program is the implementation of recovery specialist and recovery machines.  Taking care of your body is essential for success in you sport. Whether you choose to use our complimentary recovery tools (recovery boots, foam rollers, ice tub, etc) or get worked on by one of our recovery specialist (Chiropractic Physician, masseuse, stretch specialist, etc) your body will have the opportunity to get the care it NEEDS to compete at the highest level!


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